CD:  Visiting the Other Side
A guided meditation that will take you to the Other Side where you will be able to:
  • Experience Healing 
  • See and Hear your Angels 
  • Explore the Other Side 
  • Reunite with Animal Companions 
  • Reunite with Loved Ones and Friends 
  • Meet your Spirit Guide 
  • View your Life Plan including your Future 
  • Get Answers to your Questions
CD:  Visiting Your Inner Self
A guided meditation that will take you into your past and be able to:
  • Meet your Spirit Guide 
  • See your Life Plan 
  • Gain Insight to your Current Blockages to Success 
  • See your Past in a Truthful Way 
  • See the Beauty Within You
Each Meditation CD is only $20.  Contact me to order.